SCT GTX 40460S Tuner Programmer for 2011 - 2019 Ford F-250 / 350 6.7 Powerstroke

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The GTX is performance tuning, reimagined – no computers necessary. It’s the easiest to use tuner on the market, loaded with powerful features and delivers street tested, dyno proven tunes developed by SCT’s expert calibrators and engineers to unlock your vehicle full potential. Select from multiple tuning levels and direct to device updates and tune delivery over WiFi means cables and computers are a thing of the past.


The GTX tuner / programmer comes with multiple dyno proven tune files to unlock your vehicle’s true potential!  Gains up to 135 rear wheel horsepower and 211 torque increase over stock for your 2011 to 2019 Ford F-250 / 350 with the 6.7 Powerstroke diesel engine.

Note: The GTX is designed for DPF / EGR equipped trucks only - cannot ship to California


Tune Features: 

The Tow / Economy tune, whether towing a heavily loaded race trailer or family camper, adds the perfect mix of extra horsepower and torque to help hauling your load easier. This additional mix of power and torque will make going up mountains and hills easier, reduce heat, optimize your transmission for pulling heavy loads and increase fuel mileage while towing.

 The Street and Performance tunes optimize your vehicle's air / fuel ratios, boost levels, engine timing curves, and modify hundreds of other engine parameters to maximize your truck’s all-out performance and acceleration while maintaining OEM reliability and drivability. 

In addition to the increased horsepower and torque gains, the biggest differences you will see from a SCT tune is how the vehicle's transmission will shift much smoother and quicker than stock, it eliminates 95% of throttle lag so the vehicle responds much quicker once you step on the gas, and increased fuel mileage. Typical real world fuel gains is 1-2 city MPG increase and 2-3 MPG increase freeway while on the Fuel Economy tune. 


SCT GTX Features: 


The GTX 5 inch capacitive glass touchscreen is the first of its kind. Graphics and gauges are displayed in brilliant HD color, rivaling todays smartphones. The GTX starts up incredibly fast and provides an ultra-responsive user experience. A fully customizable user interface means the perfect gauge layout is available at the touch of a screen. The GTX comes standard with a convenient “grab and go” magnetic mounting system, enabling drivers to keep their device front and center then stowed away in seconds. 


The lightning fast GTX gives drivers the ability to monitor the industry’s most extensive engine parameters in real time. The GTX’s data logging capability makes it easy to record vehicle performance and play back using SCT’s free Livelink software. The GTX also doubles as a diagnostic tool with the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and check engine lights. The GTX will auto-save your OEM factory tune the first time you program the vehicle so you can always flash back to the stock OEM factory tune anytime you want.


SCT GTX Adjustable Tune Options: 

 The SCT GTX not only arrives with dyno proven tune files for your vehicle, but also comes full of user adjustable options for fine tuning your vehicle’s performance to match your vehicle’s modifications.


Tire Size Adjustment = Allows you to set the tire size to correct shift patterns and speedometer on your vehicle for larger sized tires 

Speed Limiter = Allows you to remove, increase or decrease the vehicle’s factory speed limiter 

Axle Ratio = Allows you to set the axle ratio to correct shift patterns and speedometer on your vehicle if you've installed aftermarket gears 

Transmission Tune = Allows you to adjust the transmission shift firmness and shift points with automatic transmissions. How it shifts, when it shifts, how hard it shifts, transmission shift points 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, ect 

Rev Limiter = Allows you to adjust your vehicle's rev limiter 

Idle Adjust = Raise or lower your vehicle’s idle speed 

Global Spark = Allows addition or removal of timing across all RPM ranges 

TPMS = Change or disable the Tire Pressure Monitor System 

(Note: User adjustable options can vary by year, model and engine. If you would like to know what options are available for your exact vehicle, give SCT a call at the phone number on their website and they can provide all user adjustable options available for your specific year and engine) 


SCT X4 Performance Tuner


Whether you are installing a full list of performance modifications, looking for that extra bit of power for your tow rig, or simply trying to get better mileage, a tuner/programmer should be next part on your list. A tuner communicates directly with your car/trucks computer via the OBD2 diagnostic port and allows you to take control of your ride. The many adjustable features such as speedometer correction, transmission shift point adjustment, diagnostics, speed limiter removal/set, gauge monitoring, and many more makes for the most robust tool at your disposal.The simplicity of installation takes away any doubt that you might have as to whether or not a programmer is right for you.

Engine Tuner

GTX Performance Tuner and Monitor

SCT’s GTX is performance tuning, reimagined - no computers necessary. Along with the ability to hold 20 custom tunes, GTX comes preloaded with multiple SCT tuning levels. GTX’s unique grab n’ go magnetic mounting system allows the device to be stowed away when not in use. GTX can receive custom tunes via WiFi from any of SCT’s custom tuning dealers around the country.

Engine Tuner - GTX provides street-tested, dyno-proven tune files devoloped by SCT's expert calibrators to unlock your vehicle's true potential. Select from multiple SCT tuning levels or load up to 20 custom tune files from one of our thousands of custom tuning dealers worldwide.

Engine Tuner


Gauges and Datalogging


Wifi Updates & Cloud Tuning


Capacitive TouchScreen