2000W Power Inverter

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The powerful PD2000 power inverter supports AC devices rated up to 2000 Watts delivering 2000 Watts of continuous AC power with a high surge capacity for devices that require up to 4000 Watts to start. Mobile features include a free downloadable mobile app allowing pairing between your smart phone and inverter to access features and settings. Convenient outlet options include four 3-prong AC outlets and two USB power ports - one standard 2.4 AMP port and one USB-C 3.0 AMP port. The removable control panel allows remote monitoring and testing. Reliable safety features include audible alarms and safety shut-off triggers. The durable ABS PVC composite housing is tough and rigid to protect electronic components from abrasion and damage. Additional Features: DC Input Voltage: 12.8V. AC Output Voltage: 115V. USB Output: 5V /2 (Shared 2400mA). AC Output Frequency: 58Hz-62Hz. Efficiency (Maximum): >88%. Efficiency in Full Load: >84%. Battery Drain with No AC Load: <0.6A. Overheat Protection. Low Battery Alarm Trigger: Activate In 11 0.3V DC. High Battery Shut Down Point: 15.5 0.5V DC/Voice Alarm. Low Battery Shut Down Point: 10.5 0.3V DC/Voice Alarm. Recovering Voltage after Under Voltage Turn-off: 12 0.3V DC. (TM) Fuse: 30A (10).