BullSnot DashABull Interior Detail Cleaner 10899011 Car Detailing Foam Protectant Safe for Plastics 19oz

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Give your car or truck the look of a professional detailing job using just this one product. This interior detail cleaner provides a greaseless and clean matte finish that is safe for all plastic. Use on your dashboards and on your car or truck vents or molding. You can even use this to clean tinted windows. You just spray the surface to apply a light coat of detailing cleaner and wait 10 seconds. Wipe off with a clean cloth. If the surface is dirty prior to use then you should apply one coat for cleaning and re-apply for the protective matte finish. Contains no chemicals that will cause damage to plastics. The pleasant floral small leaves behind a nice aroma without a trace of chemical odors. Extra applications of this automotive cleaning foam can increase protection against wear and scratches and leave your dashboard and other areas free of grime.