BullSnot ShineABull Tire Butter and Conditioner 10899003 - Silicone-Free Tire Dressing and Truck Wheel Shine Auto Detailing 18oz

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This tire shine and conditioner not only gets rid of existing dirt but will help repel dirt moving forward. You are not going to get that sling you get with a silicone-based tire shine so this is favored in paint shops and as a car detailing supply. This is a tire dressing that is silicone-free and a polymer base that lets you get better results with less effort. No more dull truck wheels and no more dull tires. Drive from pavement to gravel without losing tire shine. For best results with first time use spray it on and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then put a top coat on and leave that on for 15 seconds (kind of like a primer and finish coat). Use a microfiber towel and smooth out that finish coat. Stand back and admire that weather-resistant long-lasting shine. No need for any special tire shine tools or applicators. Professional detailers use the BullSnot line of products to clean sports cars and outdoorsmen use it to clean their 4-wheelers. Results in pride and shine. All our products are proudly made in the USA.