BullSnot VanishABull Carpet Spot Cleaner 10899007 - Stain Remover for Car and Truck Carpet 18oz

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This carpet spot remover is designed to be sprayed upside down for pin-point accuracy. Removes the toughest spots like blood and coffee. Great for detailing car or truck interiors. This is a fast-acting stain remover. This spot removal spray is especially for you if you treat your pets like they are people and let them travel with you. Or you use your truck and car like a home away from home. Or you never start a commute without a fully loaded coffee mug. Just spray and wait a few seconds and watch the evidence of all that disappear. This spot cleaner is safe for use on most carpet yarns and effectively removes both water-based stains and oil-based stains. Tough grease may require additional applications.