Bullsnot VizABull Glass Cleaner 10899002 Car Window Cleaner and Glass Cleaner Spray - Detail Spray for Auto and Truck 19oz

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Works great. Smells good. Lasts a long time. Great for truckers and auto detailers and really just about everyone who wants glass that shines without breaking a sweat and finding streaks. Developed by a chemistry expert hoping to get lovebugs (also known as the honeymoon or double-headed flies) off trucks. It cleans glass and chrome plus stainless steel. You will even be able to get pine resin off your vehicles. Safe for electronics too. Spray it on and let the foam do its work then wipe it off using a microfiber cloth. Youll see not just a streakless clean but a sparkling clean. Use it at home for sliding glass doors or mirrors and other glass surfaces. This product is used by major corporations for the safety of their employees as well as the efficiency of the product - it will not burn your skin or eyes. There is a whole trucker posse out there testifying to how well this stuff works. Professional detailers use the BullSnot line of products to clean sports cars and outdoorsmen use it to clean their 4-wheelers. Results in pride and shine. All our products are proudly made in the USA.