Bullsnot WaxABull Accelerated Detail Auto Wax 10899009 - Quick Shine Truck and Car Polishing Wax 16oz

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Wax your truck or other vehicle and get a showroom-quality shine in minutes - no need to spend hours applying and buffing and buffing and buffing. If you have pride in your vehicle you need to give this auto wax polish a try. It leaves behind no powder or dust residue on your finish. This truck wax and polish is safe for all paint types. You just apply a light mist to a clean surface and then wipe it clean with a towel or microfiber cloth. Re-wipe for an intense gloss. Smells like strawberries instead of chemicals. With little effort you get a virtual new finish from this car polish to seal your truck or car (or boat) in a protective layer that will bead away water and keep it shining through every season. This car polishing wax requires no added equipment or tools except for a clean rag for wiping it off. And the last thing you are going to need is the elbow grease you have been using with other waxing products. Professional detailers use the BullSnot line of products to clean sports cars and outdoorsmen use it to clean their 4-wheelers. Results in pride and shine. All our products are proudly made in the USA.