Duracell PowerSource Gasless Generator DR660PSS Generator for Home Use Camping Solar Power 1800 Peak Watts - Black

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This indoor-outdoor generator instantly transitions from AC wall power to internal battery power to provide 1440W of uninterrupted stored power so when a storm hits your hometown you will be ready when the household power fails. Power cord included and stored in built-in storage compartment for easy recharging. Parallel battery daisy chain terminal. Includes a solar controller which allows solar input up to 100W and includes a 15A replaceable fuse inside. Power outages are unpredictable but you can depend on this generator to provide reliable backup power for important appliances such as 5 hours of refrigeration and 1.5 hours of sump pump. Of course you will also be able to charge and power laptops and phones when a power outage occurs. A great addition to any of your emergency preparedness items. Also handy as a power source while off-grid camping and RVing. Compatible with most solar panels and can also connect to your vehicle via daisy chain terminals when solar or AC power is not available. Handles are built into the design for portability.