K40 TR40PLUSBC Antenna Tunable 6000W High-Power 49-Inch Tunable Center-Loaded CB Antenna

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This trucker antenna is a powerhouse of communication designed to meet the demands of the road. With an impressive power handling capacity of 6000 Watts and a broad frequency range spanning from 26MHz to 30MHz this antenna lets you stay connected no matter where your journey takes you. Its versatility shines through as it is not only CB radio-ready but also caters to 10 and 11-meter radios making it a go-to choice for truckers and radio enthusiasts alike. What sets it apart is the ease of tuning thanks to its adjustable antenna whip. Enjoy optimal performance on the airwaves. Whether braving harsh weather conditions or enjoying clear skies the Weather-Band readiness and sealed weather-proof Lexan shell offer unwavering durability. Plus the fade-resistant Tunable 17-7 Stainless Steel Whip and PowerPlus Tip provide maximum range and clarity for your transmissions. Backed by a full 5-year guarantee the 49 Plus Series trucker antenna is your trusted companion on the open road.