Noise Cancelling Bluetooth(R) Headset Wireless Trucker Headset Mono to Stereo RKING4000

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This convertible Bluetooth(R) headset with noise-cancelling microphone is the perfect trucker accessory for hands-free communication and music while traveling. Converts from mono to stereo. Enjoy plenty of conversation or music with this trucking headset with up to 28 hours of talk time or play time (standby by time 400 hours). Upgraded noise-cancelling technology improves your listening experience including the microphone windsock with foam specifically designed to absorb air ruffles and mumbled sounds. While the microphone windsock blocks out background sounds it also protects your wireless headset mic from dirt and moisture. The RoadKing 4000 is part of the RoadKing series of Bluetooth(R) headsets offering professional drivers wireless freedom and one of many trucking accessories for drivers that make life on the road easier. Ultra cushioned earpad with memory foam and an overall lightweight design ensure comfort all day and all night. The multi-function button makes this wireless easy to operate including 3-way call capabilities. This noise-cancelling headset comes with a Micro USB charging cable.