RoadPro RP5PIN Brushed Aluminum Solid 5th Wheel Pin Puller 31.5 Inches Fifth Wheel Puller - Green

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One piece of equipment that can make your life a whole lot easier is a 5th wheel pin puller and this aluminum-finished RoadPro pin puller is easy to use and easy to find in a highly visible green. Plus the aluminum finish protects it from the elements so it enjoys a long life of frequent use. This is especially important for truck drivers who frequently work in harsh weather conditions such as rain snow and salt. The finish gives the pin puller a sleek modern look that is easy to clean and maintain. At 31.5 inches long this pin puller is long enough to provide the leverage and torque needed to loosen and remove the kingpin but not so long that it becomes unwieldy or difficult to use. This fifth wheel pin puller has a comfortable grip that allows you to use it for extended periods without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. The entire pin pull is solid metal with a generously sized handle. Another great innovation from RoadPro your trusted travel companion bringing the comforts of home to on-the-go living.