RoadPro RPSC-857 12-Volt Tornado Truck Fan with Mounting Clip Small 12v Cooling Fan

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Enjoy a refreshing breeze in your cab or camper. This mini clip-on fan plugs directly into a 12-volt power port and has a variable speed control. Aim directly where cooling air is needed. Circulates air quickly to help distribute your heat or AC airflow. Adjustable swivel base and a mounting clip makes it easy to install and use. It has a 10 Amp fused 11-foot power cord. For a small cab fan it really moves the air. Attach this little guy to the edge of a built-in cabinet in the sleeper area of your truck and you can enjoy a nice breeze while you rest. Be sure to place the plug firmly in your 12-volt outlet. The compact design of this fan makes it ideal for use while traveling. RoadPro has everything you need to be your most comfortable and your most productive out on the road no matter what you do. This trucker cab fan is just another off-the-grid accessory that enables you to enjoy the comforts of home while traveling and improve your life on the road. included for those who want the power of the 12V Tornado Fan on a more permanent mount setup. Features 11-feet Fused Power Cord Power Consumption 4amps (48watts) ,Note the fan is connected to a mounting clip the mounting clip cannot be taken off. The mounting clip can however be hard mounted. There are holes at the bottom of the mount.