RoadPro SPC-931R 17.5 Inch x 4 Inch x 13 Inch Silver Aluminum Briefcase - Solid Trucker Briefcase Metal Attache Case for Men or Women - Medium

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This 17.5-inch silver aluminum briefcase comes with two changeable combination locks for added security. This feature is particularly important for professionals who work with confidential or sensitive information such as professional truckers with logbooks as well as lawyers accountants and financial advisors. The lined interior with pockets provides separate compartments for note pads pens cell phone and other small items. The aluminum exterior is designed for maximum durability and minimal weight. This is a metal travel briefcase and trucker filing case that weighs less than 5 pounds yet offers sturdy and portable storage for important papers and log books and any other items that are for your eyes only until you deem it otherwise. The lined interior protects your important items and there are plenty of pockets in various sizes to keep things organized - even on long hauls. This aluminum briefcase is also an ideal choice for occasional trips to and from clients and home office with necessary documents for those who looking for alternatives to leather briefcases. These hard case briefcases offer a range of benefits that make them an attractive option for various professions and personal needs including protection from damage during transport and an additional layer of security all while maintaining a professional appearance.