Solarcon A-99CK 17-Feet Omni-Directional Fiberglass CB Radio Base Station Antenna and Ground Plane Kit For CB and Ham Radio

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Enhance your CB radio or ham radio communication. This kit includes the GPK-1 ground plane kit with four (4) 6-foot fiberglass radials as well as a ground plane collar and 4 washers plus set screw. This CB base station and grounding plane kit will increase transmit signal strength. The 17-feet omni-directional antenna comes in three easy-to-assemble sections. It is insulated up to 14500 Volts for electrical safety and can handle 2000 Watts of power. The one-half wave antenna with 3.2dBi gain and SWR tuning plus broad bandwidth covers frequencies far above and below the traditional CB channels to extend your range and coverage. With a heavy-duty mounting plate it withstands wind loads ensuring durability. Ideal for CB radio and ham radio users. This kit offers improved signal strength and easy assembly as well as extended frequency coverage and compatibility with various radios. Enhance your radio communication setup today.