VDO Gauge 3 pc Set 356 Speedster Spyder Porsche IN STOCK ships same day

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VDO 356 Style 3 Gauge Set

This is a 3 gauge set manufactured by VDO.  You can find cheaper, but you can't beat the legendary quality of Genuine VDO.  They are worth the extra  money over brand X with no Warranty.

They are 100mm cases, as the originals, with exacting ink color, bezel, and pointer reproduction.  Includes a 2 year VDO Factory warranty.

PLEASE NOTE THIS:The Speedometer we now offer is only available in dual scale , MPH/kph version. (A picture of the New DUAL SCALE Speedometer is included here.) There are no MPH or kph only gauges available.

The Speedometer is controlled by either a GPS antenna or by a Hall Effect sender.  It has no cable drive and has a digital odometer/trip meter.  This is the way gauges are going, moving away from the old mechanical odometer, so these are not for restoration purposes, but are the best, most reliable set you can purchase for a reproduction or custom project.

The Tachometer is an 8K tach driven by the normal distributor signal.

The multi functional Combination Gauge houses the fuel level gauge, oil temperature gauge (can be water temp gauge on h2o powered product), alternator, high beam, and oil pressure indicator lights, as well as an additional to use as you see fit.