VDO gauge clock, genuine Cockpit 370-155, 2-1/16"/52mm, 12/24V dual system

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Brand new VDO genuine clock gauge. - RETAIL PACKAGED!  not bulk like others....

3 - 6 - 9 - 12 clock letter on face.

2-1/16” or 52mm mounting holes, bracket mount in the back.

VOD standard ¼” blade connection.

Illuminate lighting stud in the back.

Red lighted pointer.

Hour and Minute hands, see night vision in photo.


+ connect to +12V or +24V (positive of battery), it is confirmed with VDO this clock will work with 24V too.

-  connect to ground (negative of battery)

KL - lighting control.

Time adjustment: two little push button in the front of gauge, it is hard to see on photos but they are there.