Wilson Antennas 305-495 T2000 Series 3500 Watt Trucker Antenna Mobile CB Replacement Antenna Steel Whip Black

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Experience unmatched performance and seamless communication on the road with our T2000 Series Mobile CB Trucker Antenna. This is the ultimate companion for CB radio enthusiasts. This quality CB antenna boasts an array of impressive features to keep you connected no matter where the road takes you and elevate your trucking experience. The T2000 Series CB antennas are built for power and endurance. This one features a sleek black 10-inch shaft and a 49-inch stainless steel whip. This antenna ensures crystal-clear communication even in the most challenging conditions with an impressive power rating of 3500 Watts. Our T2000 Series CB antennas incorporate a patented low loss air wound coil design utilizing 10-gauge silver-plated wire. This innovative design maximizes efficiency and minimizes signal loss for optimal performance with your CB radio. Durability is key. That is why we crafted the coil housing using high-impact engineered thermoplastic. This ensures the antenna can withstand the rigors of the road to provide you with a reliable communication solution for years to come. With a frequency range of 26MHz to 30MHz our T2000 Series CB antenna offers versatility and flexibility. It also includes a static-reducing weather cap and is weather-band ready allowing you to stay informed. Take advantage of the great NOAA Weather Alert Reception ensuring you are always prepared for any weather changes ahead. Upgrade your trucking experience today with this T2000 Series Mobile CB Trucker Antenna. Order now and revolutionize your on-the-road experience. Reliable communication is just a click away.