Wilson Antennas 305495SE T2000 Series Mobile CB Trucker Antenna 10-Inch Center Load with 49-Inch Stainless Steel Whip - Black

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Great transmit and receive performance. T2000 Series mobile CB trucker antenna with 10-inch shaft in combination black and clear has a stainless steel center load coil and 49-inch stainless steel whip rated at 3500 Watts. Standard .375-inch x 24 thread chromed brass ferrule. Larger coiled housing allows for increased power handling. The patented low loss air wound coil design used 10-gauge silver plated wire. The black and clear coil is made of high-impact engineered thermoplastic. Frequency range - 26MHz to 30MHz. Includes static-reducing weather cap. Weather-band ready. Item Dimensions 48 x 4 x 2.5 inches. For optimal operation install the coil and about two-thirds of the antenna above your vehicle roof line. Many professional trucking CBs have center-loaded CB antennas. This type is more efficient than the base-loaded antenna type. (Mount and coax cable sold separately)