Wilson Wilson Large Coil Black Antenna 20000W 305BLACKMAX - Replacement Whip for Wilson 2000 and 5000 Trucker CB Antennas - Black

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You just discovered the ultimate trucker antenna for power handling 20000 watts. This Wilson large coil 20000w high-performance CB radio antenna is built tough and ready to perform on any vehicle that can handle a bottom loaded antenna. This Wilson antenna is a premium choice for optimal CB radio performance. Its open helical coil design provides a wide bandwidth ranging from 26 to 30MHz and efficient cooling while delivering consistent signal strength. The antenna features a tapered 0.200-inch by 48-inch stainless steel whip providing providing the ability to finely tune reception to meet your specific requirements. With great SWR match and tuning capabilities outside of normal CB bands this antenna offers exceptional versatility making it suitable for a wide range of radio applications beyond standard usage. Crafted with anodized aluminum construction it strikes the perfect balance between durability and weight. It is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Whether youre a seasoned trucker or off-road enthusiast or simply seeking reliable communication on the road the Wilson Antenna stands out as a dependable choice for CB needs.